All services are provided in the patient's home by therapists, social workers, registered and licensed nurses, and certified nurses aides. Community Home Care provides skilled services, performed by qualified professionals.

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Nursing Care

Our nursing staff is made up of RNs and LPNs that provide skilled care under the direction of your physician. There are numerous reasons why a provider may refer our services including post operative care, wound care, IV therapy, and disease management. 

Our nursing staff may be able to help if you have:

Home Health Aide

Home Health Aides are available for those who require temporary assistance with self care. 

Our Home Health Aides may be able to help with the following needs:

Please be aware that our HHAs do not perform house keeping duties nor do they run errands on behalf of the patients. This includes picking up medications, groceries, or transporting the patient themselves to appointments. Other arrangements should be made for these tasks.

Speech Therapist

Our Speech Therapists work with patients for many different reasons. Not only can speech therapy benefit a patient that needs help with verbal communication, but also those who are struggling with swallowing or dementia. By prescribing personalized exercise regiments, Speech Therapists are able to help patients communicate, swallow, eat, and more. Families can also benefit from attending speech therapy sessions to better understand their loved one and their needs.

Our Speech Therapists may be able to help if you have had:

Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is a personalized exercise regiment with the goal of increasing strength and stability while eliminating pain. Our Physical Therapists and Aides will guide you in completing these exercises, ensuring the routine is well tolerated and done properly for the best outcome possible. By completing physical therapy as prescribed, patients can expect to see an overall improvement of stability, mobility, and strength in the target area. 

Physical Therapists may be able to help if you have had:

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapy is another exercise routine that is tailored to each individual patient. This type of therapy is used to help patients increase their functionality and allow them to be more independent in their daily tasks. Both physical and mental diagnoses can be improved with this type of care.

Our Occupational Therapists may be able to help with:

Medical Social Worker

Our Medical Social Workers are a valuable asset to individuals and their families struggling with a new diagnosis or proper patient care. These professionals can provide patients and families with information on various resources available to them. 

Our Medical Social Workers may be able to assist with: